Sale Information

  • Registration is only $10 (less for 2024 & 2025). This will get your ad on the list and covers costs directly related to the sales (advertising, printing, website, etc).
  • Your sale must be within Brandon city limits.
  • You choose the hours you would like to be open.  You may be open any or all days.  Please follow your advertised times.
  • The Brandon Citywide Rummages event is advertised the local newspaper, on local radio stations, and local community event websites.
  • Your individual rummage listing will be included on this website. The website list of sales is posted as soon as the list is finalized (usually the Monday before the sales.)

Spring Sales Only:

  • The Brandon Citywide Spring Rummages are held each year on Mother’s Day weekend.
  • Advertised dates will be Thursday through Saturday.  No openings before Thursday.

Fall Sales Only:

  • The Brandon Citywide Fall Rummages are held each year on the 4th weekend of August.
  • Sales are open Friday and Saturday only. No Thursday sales.